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Dome Structures

South Industries is proud to design and build the best residential, commercial, and industrial dome structures in the world.

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About South Industries


South Industries - PastYears before South Industries and Monolithic™ Domes were created, three brothers: David, Barry, and Randy South started a polyurethane foam company known as South's Incorporated. It became the largest company of its kind West of the Mississippi River. South's made an impact in the industry by insulating potato cellars, farm shops, and commercial buildings with their creation of polyurethane foam and concrete plasters, used to make their structures fire proof.

Not long after their business was established, they discovered the remarkable strength their materials provided. As the concrete and foam hardened, the structures actually became stronger than the outer shell and supports. With this discovery, the three brothers delved into research; they spoke to Arnold Wilson, a professor at Brigham Young University, to estimate how much of each material they would need to construct a dome structure using polyurethane foam, rebar, concrete, and an airform. They then contacted a business owner who sprayed pools. He was able to teach them about spraying concrete, also known as shotcrete.

Armed with their research and information, the brothers began Monolithic™ Constructors. The word Monolithic literally means made of one stone or unbroken, describing the Monolithic dome exactly. After ten years, the brothers divided, David formed Monolithic™ Dome Institute, Barry formed Dome Technology, and Randy, shortly after, established South Industries with his oldest son, Andrew. Working together, the three brothers built domes the world over.

Present Day

South Industries - PresentToday, Monolithic™ Domes have been built in almost every state in the U.S., as well as in 30+ countries, world wide. All three brothers and their individual companies: Monolithic Dome Institute, Dome Technology, and South Industries, continue to work together on many projects, cooperatively and competitively. South Industries continues today in strong family tradition. The corporation is now owned by Randy and his four sons, Andrew, Derek, Josh, and Nathan. They value themselves as a family-oriented company, and almost half of their employees are members of the South family.

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